Each week in Diggers Bar & Lounge, Redcliffe RSL hosts a variety of free live entertainment.

On this page you will find our monthly entertainment calendars, as well as information about our free end of month floor shows.

Please note that all entertainment listed is subject to change at any time without notice.


Entertainment Calendar

Thursday 2
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Fabian (from 6:00pm)

Friday 3
Street Cafe (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 4
Shayne Crump (from 12:30pm)
With Members Mega Draw!
Forest Crump (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 5
Tracy Vaughan (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 9
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Jeff Camilleri (from 6:00pm)

Friday 10
Adrenaline (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 11
Ian McLaren (from 12:30pm)
Tommy Memphis (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 12
Raff De (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 16
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Robbie Rosenlund (from 6:00pm)

Friday 17
Smooth & Groove (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 18
David J (from 12:30pm)
Just The Ticket (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 19
Craig Taylor (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 23
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Marco (from 6:00pm)

Friday 24
Wild Card (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 25
Michael King (from 12:30pm)
The Jacksonz – A Show In Their Honour (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 26
Roger Lewis (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 30
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Garry Hudson (from 6:00pm)

Friday 31
Kulaz (from 8:00pm)

Free End of Month Show

Saturday 25th March from 8pm

The Jacksonz – A Show In Their Honour – brings together some of the finest entertainers and musicians to create a stage show stemmed from a true passion and great respect for the talent that the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson and the greats motown have shown the world!

Performing the greatest hits from the era, with smooth vocals and outstanding Jackson dance moves, the cast’s style, sounds, and dance will take you on a journey that will have you reliving those magical Jackson’s moments.


Entertainment Calendar

Saturday 1
Alice Anderson (from 12:30pm)
With Members Mega Draw!
Upstage (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 2
Brent Hutchinson (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 6
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
David Lee (from 6:00pm)

Friday 7
Tommy Memphis (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 8
Roger Lewis (from 12:30pm)
Classic Gold (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 9
Mr Jon (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 13
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Michael King (from 6:00pm)

Friday 14
GOOD FRIDAY (Club Closed)

Saturday 15
Tracy Vaughan (from 12:30pm)
Tracy Vaughan Duo (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 16
Shayne Crump (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 20
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Craig Shaw (from 6:00pm)

Friday 21
Retro Contempo (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 22
David J (from 12:30pm)
Chi Chi (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 23
Marco (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 27
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Greg Bankx (from 6:00pm)

Friday 28
The Secret Agents (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 29
Raff De (from 12:30pm)
Digger Revell & The New Denvermen (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 30
Roger Lewis (from 1:00pm)

Free End of Month Show

Saturday 29th April from 8pm

Digger Revell was one of the pioneers of rock and roll during the early sixties charting with number #1 hits in 1963 and 1964.

He is known for the lead singer of “Digger Revell and The Denvermen”. His main song during the rock era was “My Little Rockers Turned Surfie” in 1964.

The Denvermen were an instrumental group that also had a run in the charts with “Avalon Stomp” and “Surfside” which was a number #1 hit in Sydney and hit the top ten in Melbourne.

Digger Revell crossed over to country music with success in the seventies. Digger Revell charted with the platters hit “Twilight Time” and “My Prayer”.