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Each week in Diggers Bar & Lounge, Redcliffe RSL hosts a variety of free live entertainment, from solo artists, to duos and bands.

On this page you will find our monthly entertainment calendars, as well as information about our free end of month shows.


Please note that all entertainment listed is subject to change at any time without notice.


Entertainment Calendar

Thursday 1
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Fabian (from 6:00pm)

Friday 2
Just The Ticket (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 3
Brent Hutchinson (from 12:30pm)
With Members Mega Draw!
Monkey Business (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 4
Chris Doyle (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 8
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Jeff Camileri (from 6:00pm)

Friday 9
Upstage (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 10
Inder (from 12:30pm)
Kaffene (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 11
Vic Kena (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 15
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Rob Rosenlund (from 6:00pm)

Friday 16
Fiddle Me Please (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 17
Garry Hudson (from 12:30pm)
Old Skool (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 18
Shayne Crump (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 22
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Raff De (from 6:00pm)

Friday 23
Chi Chi (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 24
Paul Anthony (from 12:30pm)
Peter Paki & Rythm of Polynesia (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 25
Roger Lewis (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 29
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Garry Hudson (from 6:00pm)

Friday 30
Tommy Memphis (from 8:00pm)

Free End of Month Show

Saturday 24th June from 8pm

Peter Paki and a touch of Polynesia

Peter Paki brings his Polynesian show to Redcliffe RSL! A cultural experience of entertainment which brings to you the exotic variety of dancers and cultures from the exciting and romantic South Pacific Islands.

From Tahiti ….. The sound of drum beats which brings the vibrant energy of Hula girls…

From Hawaii ….. Aloha the enchanted legend lives on with their music and dance…

From Aotearoa New Zealand ….. The warriors perform the famous Maori Haka and the graceful girls perform their Poi dance…
From The Cook Islands ….. Energetic action male dancers and exciting music…

From Samoa ….. The amazing breath taking fire dance, which captivates and delights the audience…

MO AWARD Winners for 2014, 15 “International Theme Show.” This amazing show has been acclaimed the best Professional International Island show in Australia. Comprising a total of 16 people which includes drummers, male and female dancer’s, singers and backing band.

This truly spectacular show can also involve audience participation and is guaranteed to exhilarate and thrill audiences everywhere.


Entertainment Calendar

Saturday 1
Greg Bankx (from 12:30pm)
With Members Mega Draw!
Stone Age Romeos (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 2
Russell Hinton (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 6
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Mike Winkworth (from 6:00pm)

Friday 7
Nightshift (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 8
Raff De (from 12:30pm)
A-Team (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 9
Craig Taylor (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 13
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Inder (from 6:00pm)

Friday 14
Ben & Katie (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 15
Tracy Vaughan (from 12:30pm)
Tracy Vaughan Duo (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 16
Marco (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 20
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Brent Hutchinson (from 6:00pm)

Friday 21
High Noon (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 22
Goran Sedlar (from 12:30pm)
Goran Sedlar Trio (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 23
Michael King (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 27
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Jeff Camilleri (from 6:00pm)

Friday 28
Forest Crump (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 29
Inder (from 12:30pm)
The Legends of Rock n Roll Tribute Show – with Issi Dye (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 30
Woody Dean (from 1:00pm)

Free End of Month Show

Saturday 29th July from 8pm

The Legends of Rock n Roll Tribute Show with Issi Dye

Put your dancing shoes on and get ready for a fun-filled night with Aussie music icon Issi Dye!

Relive the glory days of Rock n Roll with hits from the greats!

  • Elvis
  • Buddy Holly
  • Jerry Lee Lewis
  • Johnny Cash &
  • Johnny O’Keefe!


Entertainment Calendar

Thursday 3
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Roger Lewis (from 6:00pm)

Friday 4
The Dukes (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 5
Mr Jon (from 12:30pm)
With Members Mega Draw!
Kaffene (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 6
Chris Doyle (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 10
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Garry Hudson (from 6:00pm)

Friday 11
Upstage (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 12
Paul Anthony (from 12:30pm)
The Secret Agents (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 13
Fabian (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 17
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Garry Hudson (from 6:00pm)

Friday 18
Captain Wow (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 19
Woody Dean (from 12:30pm)
Smooth & Groove (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 20
Shayne Crump (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 24
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
David Lee (from 6:00pm)

Friday 25
Dudes of Doo Wop (from 8:00pm)

Saturday 26
David Veasey (from 12:30pm)
Take Your Pick (from 8:00pm)

Sunday 27
Vic Kena (from 1:00pm)

Thursday 31
Dave Clayton (from 11:00am)
Paul Hayman (from 6:00pm)

Free End of Month Show

Saturday 26th August from 8pm

Take Your Pick

4 dynamic performers join forces in this brilliant line-up!

Take Your Pick feature beautiful harmonies and dynamic dance moves! Playing every genre of music be it a waltz, a boot scoot or rock & roll, right through to motown, reggae and the popular hits of today!