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Frequently Asked Questions2017-06-22T13:07:01+10:00
How can I apply for Sponsorship/Donations?2016-05-05T12:52:13+10:00

Please download and print our Sponsorship & Donation Request Form.

Completed forms should be addressed to:

The Secretary
Redcliffe RSL
PO Box 34
Redcliffe 4020

Or by email to

How much does Redcliffe RSL Membership cost?2016-11-01T11:58:44+10:00

Standard Community Membership to Redcliffe RSL costs $5 for 5 years.

Because Service Membership costs vary from person to person, we ask that you call the Club on (07) 3897 6000 to discuss your Membership with one of our friendly staff.

Our Memberships follow the calendar year, expiring on the 31st December.

Renewals for the coming year start on October 1st.

We offer a grace period up to the end of February to renew Memberships.

What if I have special dietary requirements?2016-11-01T11:58:44+10:00

Not a problem! Whether you’re a vegetarian, suffer from food allergies or coeliac disease, we have options to suit everyone.

Our Chef’s are more than willing to cater to any special dietary requirements. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff!

Redcliffe RSL also recognises Bariatric Verification Cards (or Weight Loss Surgery Cards).

These cards are given to people who undergo gastric sleeve and lap-band surgery for the purposes of weight loss, to state that the person is medically unable to consume large meals.

Upon presentation of a Bariatric Verification Card, patrons are permitted to order from our Kid’s Menu.

Can I book a table for lunch or dinner?2017-08-29T10:35:05+10:00

Most certainly!

3897 6000 to make a booking in the Gallipoli Grill.

3897 6090 to make a booking in The Point.*

* Please note that we do not take bookings in The Point for over 15 people.

Can I bring a cake into the club for a Birthday or other celebration?2015-02-08T00:26:28+10:00

Yes, cakes can be brought into the Club to celebrate a special occasion and there is no extra charge.

This applies to both the Gallipoli Grill, Breezes Café and The Point.

Can I take photos in the Club?2015-02-08T00:24:34+10:00

Photos can be taken around the club for parties, functions or if you have visitors for a lunch or dinner booking.

Photos cannot be taken in the gaming room or of our memorabilia without written permission from the Board.

Dont forget to ask one of our friendly staff to take a photo for you so no one misses out on getting in the shot!

I am not a member of the Redcliffe RSL, can I still visit the Club?2015-02-08T00:23:34+10:00

Redcliffe RSL is operated under a Community Club Liquor License

This means that BY LAW – In order to enter you must be:

  • A Member of Redcliffe RSL (MUST show Membership Card)
  • A Reciprocal Member (MUST show Membership Card)
  • Defence Member (MUST show Service ID Card)
  • A Guest of a Member or Reciprocal Member (MUST sign in at front desk)
  • A Visitor living at least 15km away from Club (MUST sign in at front desk)
  • A Visitor from another State/Country (MUST sign in at front desk).
What days does Redcliffe RSL provide free live entertainment?2015-02-08T00:20:26+10:00
  • Thursday: 11:00am – 2:00pm | From 6:00pm
  • Friday: From 8:00pm
  • Saturday: 1:00pm – 4:00pm | From 8pm
  • Sunday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Can I reserve tickets for a Tribute Show or Concert and pay later?2015-02-08T00:18:14+10:00

No, all show tickets must be paid for at the time of booking.

Can I enter Redcliffe RSL if I am a member of another RSL/Club?2015-02-08T00:16:54+10:00
  • Not all RSL’s/Clubs are reciprocal with Redcliffe RSL.
  • Our Club is reciprocal with all clubs who are affiliated with Clubs Queensland.
  • A member of any Sub-Branch member can visit any RSL Sub Branch Office, however the clubs themselves come under a different legislation.
  • Please asked Reception staff for more information.
Can I wear thongs into the club?2015-02-07T23:54:45+10:00
  • Yes, you can wear thongs during the day however thongs are not allowed after 7pm as our evening dress regulation apply.
  • A relaxed dress code – which allows thongs to be worn at all times – applies within The Point.
Are hats allowed in the club?2015-02-08T00:13:48+10:00
  • Under most circumstances hats are NOT to be worn in the club by children or gentlemen. Ladies dress hats may be worn.
  • On special events such as Melbourne Cup Day, dress hats are allowed.
  • Special medical circumstances may be discussed with management.
  • A relaxed dress code – allowing hats to be worn – applies within The Point.